Thursday, February 19, 2015

16oz BPA-Free Double-Wall Mugs Review -- NICE !!! #DoubleWallMugs

Okay AVID coffee drinkers, I have a great one for you.  I received two 16oz BPA-free Double Wall Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Travel to-Go Mugs with Comfort Handle for free in return for my honest review. I've been a dedicated coffee-drinker for years and I've used several different types of mugs and coffee cups. As for mugs, the issue I've always had is leaks developing. This has been a huge issue for me, especially when I'm driving to work, sipping on my coffee and  I end up at work with a huge coffee stain on my uniform from a leaking mug. Sometimes when I'm desperately in need of a cup, I tend to miss my mouth altogether and have coffee everywhere. I've bought cups from every type of store there is and tried different types of cups & mugs-- big, medium, small, plastic, stainless steel. Needless to say, prior to receiving this mug, I had still been using my Christmas coffee cup. Since I received these mugs for free, I have to first review the price. For $29.95 on, you will receive two of these mugs. A nice price and given how much money I've wasted on cheaper cups and mugs, for the quality of these mugs, it's worth every penny. Removing the lid was fairly easy. It fits snugly when I close it, so little to no chance of leakage. You can fit 16 oz of coffee in the mug (A HUGE PLUS FOR ME!!!). After adding the coffee and mixing it the way I like, the mug is nice and cool to touch. Unlike trying to avoid spots to touch with a coffee cup, this entire mug is cool to touch. As for keeping you coffee warm, this has been great at keeping it hot. My coffee doesn't normally last over 30 minutes before I drink it all but leaving a little in this cup, it was still warm when I reached for it an hour later. This mug is also perfect for those rough guys - my hubby, a mechanic, absolutely loves it. He makes a cup of coffee to take to work and when he used this mug, his coffee was still warm four hours later when he came home for lunch. The handle is long and easy to hold. i really like these mugs. These are definitely high quality mugs. You can check out them out @

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