Thursday, February 26, 2015

Adovia Mineral Skin Care's Fractionated Coconut Carrier Oil & Massage Oil Review #CoconutOil

This is my first time using coconut oil and I am very impressed. I didn't quite know what fractionated oil was. After some research, I found out that coconut oil is a super healthy oil that can be used for anything. From massages to skin care to hair care, it has a variety of uses. Fractionated coconut oil offers all the benefits of coconut oil with the added convenience of an indefinite shelf life, long term stability and resistance to rancidity. You can mix the oil with your lotions, hair products, etc for added benefits. During my use, the first thing I noticed was that it was very lightweight and has no scent. I like that it absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a residue. I've used it on my skin as a daily moisturizer (arms/legs/hands). It goes on smoothly and is non-greasy. I mixed it with some of my favorite scented lotions and it works really well. My skin is noticeably softer. My daughter has sensitive skin and a little eczema so I've been applying it daily and have noticed that her dry spots look much better. I've also noticed the benefits of using it on my hair. I have naturally curly hair so finding a moisturizer is a pain for me. My hair tends to be dry and brittle so it's a challenge finding the right moisturizers and conditioners. I began by  using on my hair as a stand-alone. I was expecting it to be oily but it wasn't. after doing more research, I tried mixing the fractionated coconut oil with with other hair products that I use. Applying it daily, my curls are bouncier and softer. It hasn't dried out my hair and has left my hair soft and healthy looking. It works well for both skin and hair. I haven't tried it as a massage oil yet but I'm interested in how it would feel. I really like it and recommend trying it. So many uses for one product. The price isn't bad either. It's a very large bottle (16oz) so you will get your money's worth. I'm looking forward to mixing up my own lotions and concoctions this spring and summer. You can check it out here on Amazon @ . Their facebook page is and website is . I received this product free for testing purposes and an honest review. Opinion is 100% my own.

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