Friday, February 20, 2015

DashMate Cell Phone Holder Vent Mount Review #DashMate

I received my DashMate Cell Phone Holder Vent Mount for free to review and give my unbiased opinion. When I received the package in the mail, my first thought was "Gee, such a small package". But then I thought, "The description did say pocket-sized"--DUHH!! When I opened the box, I saw that there was no assembly required which is great for me. Trying to assemble the smallest thing may equal into a big disagreement between two know-it-alls in my house ( me and hubby). So the fact that it's as simple as opening up the box and placing it in a vent in the truck (or car) was a huge accomplishment for both of us. We may argue about which vent to put it in but atleast it's in there. Yes, it is as simple as that. It removes easily so transferring it between vehicles is a snap- literally. The size makes it a perfect travel companion. If you're like me and use your phone as a GPS, this holds your phone where you can actually see it while driving. Also perfect for hands-free talking or streaming music. We take long trips monthly to take my son to his doctors appointments and this is perfect for those 3-4 hour drives. The holder fits up to 6"phones which was great. We have two different sized phones and both fit perfectly snug in the holder. It's nice to have it and not have to search for my phone when it rings while driving. If you're like me, I will throw my phone either in my purse on down in the cup holder. Sometimes my phone may slip on the floor or under the seat which is a pain when I'm commuting to work. The DashMate helps me keep track of where I put my phone. At a price of $12.95, it's a deal. And did I mention, a lifetime warranty? You can't beat that. You can also save an extra 25% off by using promo code KWUT7CJ6. We plan on ordering one more. In conclusion, I really like the DashMate Cell Phone Holder Vent Mount. A very useful and practical product at a great value. Check it out here on Amazon @ .

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