Tuesday, February 3, 2015

GoGo Healthy Snack!!

Just when I though there were not many healthy snack alternatives out there, I found out about GoGo Squeez. I received a sample from BuzzAgent. I found that the kids really like this, after finishing one container, they beg for more. i like the fact that it's an easy way to get fruits and veggies in their diets without arguing with them. Of course, anytime we try something new, I have to taste-test before giving it to the kids. It's a great tasting snack. Not messy--I love the resealable pouches with built-in straws. Less mess is great in my household. you can also stick pouches in the freezer and make healthy popsicles for them. my two-yeaer old loves to take off caps and put them back on so the resealable caps is a plus for her. I've also found that I can snack on GoGo Squeez as well. It's an easy alternative way to crave a sweet snack without the extra calories. Needless to say, we have stocked up on GoGo Squeez for the adults as well as the kids. I recommend trying it for yourself.

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