Monday, February 2, 2015

GoGo squeeZ Fruit & VeggieZ pouches!! The kids love it!!

I received GoGo squeeZ Fruit & VeggieZ pouches(pear flavored) from BzzAgent to try. I absolutely loved the pouches- from the close-able tops to the built in straw for a no-mess, convenient snack on the go. My toddlers love the fact that they don't have to slow down to eat it.GoGo squeeZ Fruit & VeggieZ is a great tasting and easy to use product. The variety of flavors are great. As an on-the -go mom with little ones, they can be thrown into your purse or bag as on-the -go snacks. As we travel from doctors appointments, basketball games, trips to the park, and now, baseball games-- it a perfect travel-size container that keeps them satisfied. And with the resealable tops, you can save some for later if for some odd reason, they don't finish it. My 9 year old wanted to take it school for snack. They loved the taste. I love the no-mess, no-spoon fruit and veggie mix. An easy way to get veggies in their diets. The price is perfect too. We've already stocked up on more!! I highly recommend trying this. A great, affordable, healthy snack!!!

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