Thursday, February 26, 2015

Review of "Hometown" by Matthew Keville #Hometown

I recently finished reading "Hometown" by Matthew Keville. I received a free copy to read and review for my unbiased opinion. Since I was much younger (we don't have to indulge in my age) I have loved reading sci-fi/horror books. I was super-excited to receive the opportunity to review this book. From beginning to end, this book kept me involved. The premise of the book begins in the fall of 1994. Normal fall things happening all around- kids in school, weather changing, nothing out of the ordinary. Then the unexplained disappearances begin. From people totally vanishing to bodies torn to pieces being found, a terrifying mystery begins. People are seeing strange things in the mist. This will capture your imagination and frighten you at the same time. People are acting violently and bizarre, and something awakens. The story follows a group of teens who are left to survive. This book had plenty of twists and turns, and gotcha moments. If you love to read exciting, on the edge of your seat books, this is a great one to start with. Matthew Keville captures you with great story-telling. It's like looking at a movie but in a book instead. The details are in depth and imaginative. The flow of the book is smooth. A really good read- I recommend checking it out. It's available on Kindle or paperback @ #Hometown.

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