Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Danish Dough Whisk Review #doughwhisk

If you're a cook, baker or mom, this is the whisk for you. As far as whisks go, you aren't going to find any better than this. I like that the Danish Dough Whisk is large but not to big to handle, The wooden handle is sturdy and thick and the whisk part is stainless steel. It has less lines going through the actual whisk but it still stirs with the same- if not better- consistency as a standard whisk. The best thing about it is cleaning. With most whisks, you have to put your fingers through every little part pushing out dough, then soak it forever before you can even think about washing it off completely. With the Danish Dough Whisk, this one just requires a quick easy rinse with soap and water and the dough comes off easily. If you love to bake, this is the whisk for you. I personally love baking cakes, pies, pizza, and anything else. I don't have those expensive high end dough machines and don't really care for them. This whisk makes the mixing/whisky part of making the dough so much easier. I've already used it on a few cakes and doughs. I definitely recommend this to all the bakers out there. It's very durable. No worries about this breaking. This can easily be used for anything that needs to be mixed. This would also make a great gift for anyone that likes to cook or bake. I received the Danish Dough Whisk for free in return for my honest review. A great buy at a great price. You can see more about the whisk here

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