Thursday, March 19, 2015

FoxBrims's Perfect Natural Soap #Review #foxbrim

I received Perfect Natural Soap by FoxBrim for free in return for my honest opinion. I was really impressed by this soap. I've never tried natural soap before so I was a little hesitant at first. As a pediatric nurse as well as mom to short bowel syndrome baby, I wash my hands all the time. My night-time routine consists of hanging IV fluids so cleanliness is imperative. I normally purchase a liquid soap strictly for my handwashing at home whenever I have to do anything medically for my son. I found that this soap suds really well and you only need a little which makes the soap last for a long time. It has a good consistency and did not irritate my skin. It  leaves my hands feeling clean and did not dry out my skin which I have found to be the case with other liquid soaps. I personally like the fact that it doesn't have a strong smell. Dealing with my son, I really look for anything without a lot of harsh ingredients or a lot of perfumes. The lack of a scent does not make it work any less. I really like FoxBrim's Perfect Natural Soap and plan on stocking up some more. You can check out more about this product here  @

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