Thursday, March 12, 2015

GoodShells 4 in 1 Running Armband Case for Apple iPhone 5/5s #Review #GoodShells

I've had the opportunity to review the GoodShells Running Armband for free in return for my honest opinion. The 4-in-1 case offers you alternatives for wearing the armband. You can use it as an armband case or regular case--using it with the screen covered or uncovered. The case is very sturdy. It snaps onto the phone and is easy to remove. The case is made of durable, hard plastic which is great for protection (especially if you drop your phone as much as I do). Whether you are a beginning walker, an intermediate jogger or you work out religiously, it's always a hassle to try and hang on to your phone. The armband fits snugly and comfortably around your wrist and if you like to listen to music or even talk on the phone, you can just pop in your headphones and never miss a step. The armband doesn't slide up and down (which can be annoying). You don't have to be an avid exerciser to use this band, either. If you're a busy mom whose constantly looking for your phone, you can throw the armband on and go. From exercising to just doing chores around the house, this is a very nice armband to have. At $14.99, it's reasonably priced, too. To find out more, here's the link.

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