Thursday, March 26, 2015

MeasuPro BPM-20A Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor #Review #MeasuPro

Keeping accurate blood pressure readings is very important, especially is you have a history or family history of hypertension. I was excited to receive the MeasuPro BPM-20A Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor for free in return for my unbiased opinion. I need to keep track of my blood pressure and I have purchased the wrist cuff for home use. I've found with the wrist cuffs, that the measurements aren't always as accurate as arm cuffs. This monitor seems to be very accurate. Easy and quick to assemble and use, you place the cuff attachment in the monitor and after placing the cuff on your arm, you simply press the correct user button. I like that the monitor records readings for up to two different users and saves the readings. This is really nice if you need to keep a diary of your readings for different times of the day.It stores up to 120 measurements - 60 per user. The MeasuPro not only records your blood pressure, it also records your pulse rate. It's easy to place the cuff on your arm- even if you're doing it alone. The cuff fits an average sized or larger arm. It has a large LCD display and easy access buttons. Using 4 AA batteries, which are already included, it's a breeze to use. The package box provides easy storage. I highly recommend this blood pressure monitor if you're looking for one for home or office. You can check out more here @  

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