Thursday, April 23, 2015

Del Sol Color Change Nail Polish #Review #delsolnailpolish

Del Sol's Color Change Nail Polish is a very unique polish. Available in a variety of shades, each color will change when exposed to sunlight. Like the mood rings I had when I was younger, I enjoy watching the shades changing when I go outside. I find myself looking at the shade of polish when indoors and walking outside just to see it change. You can choose between solid colors or glitter colors. The polish is made of Spectrachrome crystals which reveal their hidden colors when exposed to sunlight. I really love the FOXY color I received for free in return for my honest review. It's a beautiful pink shade and glides on smoothly. It' dries quickly when applied and doesn't flake off easily. I use two layers of polish to give it a deeper look. It changes to a purple color when I go outside. I've painted my daughter's toes and she's amazed at how the color changes in the sunlight. It's a very cute color and I plan on purchasing other colors. Can't wait to try the glitter. I really like this polish and recommend you check it out. You can find out more about Del Sol Color Change Nail Polish @

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