Tuesday, April 7, 2015

DFLifestyle USB Car Charger #Review #DFLifestylecharger

I was overly excited to receive DFLifestyle USB Car Charger for free in return for my honest review. My husband and I always find a way to argue over the use of the car charger when we're out and about. We both always find ourselves in need of a charge when we're on the go and the car charger we have has a single USB. You can't imagine the fuss over the charger when the kids are with us. I absolutely love this dual USB car charger. It chargers my devices pretty quickly and it fits snuggly when plugged in. It not too large and doesn't take up space. We've used this to not only charge our phones, but the kids tablets as well.It doesn't get over-heated when charging. Each port can support different amperages but you can use either port to charge a device. This charger is a really good buy and really handy. Just in time for family trips and out of town doctors' appointments, this charger will get a alot of use. I'm ordering another one for my second vehicle. A really good dual charger, you should check it out @ http://www.amazon.com/DFLifestyle-Compact-Energizer-Cigarette-Guarantee/dp/B00SE93628/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top?ie=UTF8

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