Sunday, April 19, 2015

Greater Goods' Weight Gurus Digital Bathroom Scale #greatergoods #Review

Okay, this may be shocking but this is one of the coolest things I've had the opportunity to review. That statement coming from a woman is probably really shocking. I have been trying to lose weight and have been only able to weigh myself when I go to work (I work at a pediatric clinic). I normally will hop on the scales at work before we open and when no one's around. I've never purchased an at-home scale but I've always wanted one. I was ecstatic to receive Weight Gurus Digital Bathroom Scale by Greater Goods for free in return for my unbiased review. This is a VERY nice scale. First of all, this scale is accurate. I will not disclose my weight :), but the reading is the same as my most recent weight ( I weighed myself this past weekend while at work). A nice feature for those that don't want to know their actual weight, it has a weightless feature which tells you how much you gained or loss without displaying the actual weight. It has a large, easy to read digital display. It has optional smartphone tracking which allows you to keep a record of your readings. It turns on automatically and can also automatically detect the user- supporting up to 8 different users. Made of tempered glass, this is a beautifully designed scale and has a non-slip, scratch resistant surface. A very, very nice product. I highly recommend this scale. You can find out more about Greater Goods'  Weight Gurus Digital Bathroom Scale here @

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