Thursday, April 2, 2015

Happy Fingers Cut Resistant Gloves #Review #PaulsPremium

Happy Fingers Cut Resistant Gloves by Pauls Premium are a great pair of gloves to have on hand in the kitchen. If you've ever rushed to prepare a meal and have cut your fingers while preparing veggies or  meat, you just might need a pair of these gloves. I had the pleasure of receiving these gloves for free in return for my honest review. Happy Fingers Cut Resistant Gloves are made of high quality food vinyl so they are safe to use while preparing food. These are cut resistant (not cut proof) gloves so they will resist the force of the knife but won't completely protect you if you're hacking food. They are pretty comfortable on my hands. They are made of spandex, stainless steel wire, dacron, and dyneema. They are also 100% latex free. The cool thing about these gloves are that they are built with anti-microbial features so they kill microbes on contact. They are flexible so your hands are not stiff while cutting or preparing food. They may fit a little tighter on larger hands but my husband can still wear them comfortably. They are machine washable and allow up to 40 washes while staying strong. You can also just wash them off with soap and water in the sink. I really love these gloves. They are nice to use-especially when I'm cutting vegetables, meats or just onions and garlic. These are durable, well made gloves that are a great buy. You can check out more about Happy Fingers Cut Resistant Gloves @

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