Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Le Bleu Bean's Espresso Stack Cup #Review #espressostackcup

I love coffee!! I'm just not myself without a cup of coffee every morning. I've actually cut back on the amount of coffee I drink and I find myself wasting a full cup. That has changed since I received Le Bleu Bean's Espresso Stack Cup in return for my honest review. I've seen and used a lot of cups but this is the cutest cup I've ever come across. Le Bleu Bean's Espresso Stack Cup is a high quality ceramic mug. It's just the right size for an espresso or one of my strong cups of coffee. It comes in a very adorable stackable storage container that looks like a LEGO. A cute space-saver, you can neatly stack these cups as you add to your collection. Perfect for the office, I can keep this cup on my desk instead of a huge, clunky coffee cup. It doesn't take up as much space and I can conveniently grab it and sneak away for a cup of coffee.  It's especially perfect for my afternoon cup of java, I can fill it with just the right amount of boost that I need without overdoing it. These cups come in different colors so you can mix and match. This is a very stylish, unique espresso cup. You can find out more about Le Bleu Bean's Espresso Stack Cup @

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