Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Magnifeko's Premium Pair Oven Mitt Barbecue Grilling Gloves #Review #Magnefiko

Magnifeko's Premium Pair Oven Mitt Barbecue Grilling Gloves are high quality, durable gloves that can be used for cooking or grilling. Made of kevlar and silicone, these gloves have a cotton lining on the inside the gloves, allowing air to circulate and keeping your hand cool. They fit perfectly and my husband can also wear them with ease. They are very comfortable gloves. The outside of the gloves are kevlar fiber and silicone, which protects you from heat. They have heat protection up to 932 degrees!! Now, I would never attempt to test it myself, but I do know they work well for those 450 degrees temps of my oven. The silicone grip design gives the gloves the non slip feature. This is really nice for grabbing pots or pans or cooking sheets. I also love that these gloves are waterproof. Easy to clean, simply put gloves in washing machine. These are really nice heavy duty gloves. They're great for home or to give as a gift. Check out more about these gloves here @ http://www.amazon.com/premium-barbecue-grilling-extreme-resistant/dp/b00rvly2tg I received this product in return for my unbiased review

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