Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sentey® Mousepad Gaming Mouse Pad Kairos Pro GS-2800 #Review #sentey

I had the opportunity to receive Sentey Mousepad Gaming Mouse Pad Kairos Pro GS-2800 for free in return for my unbiased review. This is a very high quality mousepad. It's a very nice size (medium) and has ample room to move. It's much larger than my previous mousepad and much better quality. The black surface is made of hard PVC plastic instead of fabric, which allows a smooth glide of the mouse. The bottom of the pad is made of a non-slip rubber. It stays in place well while in use. My boys can play their games and not fight with the mousepad to keep it in place or worry about running off the edge when maneuvering the mouse. The Kairos Pro is a very high quality mousepad at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend it. You can find out more about Sentey's Kairos Pro Mousepad @ or

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