Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Ultimate Mount #Review #UltimateMount75Degrees

I received The Ultimate Mount for free in return for my honest review. This is a nice, compact, universal mount that adjusts to hold pretty much any sized cell phone. Easy to install and takes up little space. You can adjust the cradle vertically or horizontally and it secures on your car's air vent. It also has two grip settings for thicker or thinner vents. It stays in place well when I remove my phone. It's a great product for hands-free talking while you're on the road. I tend to lose my phone while in the car- whether it's in my purse or under the car seat. This is a perfect way to remember where you're phone is when it rings while you're driving. It's also lightweight and pocket-sized which makes it easy to take with you if you're changing vehicles. You also can use it as a kickstand while you're in the house or wherever you are. A very cute, sturdy mount, you can find out more here@

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