Tuesday, April 28, 2015

WashGuard Large Lingerie Wash Bags #Review #WashGuard

I had the opportunity to receive Washguard Large Lingerie Wash Bags in return for my honest review. This is a very nice lingerie laundry bag. It's a large bag, measuring at 16" x 20". It's large enough to fit lingerie, socks, specialty clothes and more. It's made with a premium polyester mesh that protects your fabrics from everything outside. It's safe to use in all wash cycles with all detergents. I really like using this bag- especially for socks. I can't tell you how many socks I've lost just doing laundry and how much money I've spent on replacing socks. This bags keep them all in place and you'll know you'll have a match when you're done with laundry. This bag will save you time and money. You can check out Washguard Large Lingerie Wash Bags @ http://www.amazon.com/lingerie-bags-for-laundry/dp/b00jousz72/ie=utf8?m=a1z0efq0i2sfp6&keywords=lingerie+bags+for+laundry

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