Friday, May 8, 2015

Bar Brats Ice Ball Maker & Sphere Ice Mold #Review #BarBratIceBallMaker

It's getting hot and what everyone needs is a cold drink. Nothing worse than drinking a hot soda, juice, wine or cocktail. This is a cute, fashionable way to have a cool drink at the tip of your hands. Bar Brat's Ice Ball Maker & Sphere Ice Mold is an easy way to make really nice ice balls for your drinks. This is a BPA-free premium silicone ice mold. It's high quality and durable. Prior to use, you wash the mold. It's dishwasher safe or you can use soap and water like me. After placing the mold on a flat surface, you simply fill the bottom mold with 3/4 full of water or any other liquid. Then slowly place the top on the mold until liquid comes out of the holes (which is what's supposed to happen). Pop it in the freezer for 4-6 hours and you have ice balls. This mold makes 4 x 4.5 cm balls and they melt slower than conventional ice. What's neat about this mold is that you can fill it with pretty much anything, I've made popsicles and fruit juice balls. The kids love them. This is a really nice product just in time for those HOT summer months. I absolutely love it!! You can check out more about Bar Brats' Ice Ball Maker & Sphere Ice Mold @ I received this product in return for my unbiased review.

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