Tuesday, May 19, 2015

beabies Silicone Teething Pendant #Review #teethingpendant

I received beabies Silicone Teething Pendant in return fir my unbiased review. These pendants are made of food grade silicone and are BPA-free and FDA approved. This is a very stylish pendant. The turquoise color is vibrant and gorgeous. It looks great when I wear it. My son loves to chew on things. He's a short bowel syndrome baby and has an oral aversion. So if I can find a teething ring or pendant that he will actually place in his mouth, I rejoice. He has actually loved biting and chewing on this pendant. This pendant really helps to stimulate his muscles and help teach him how to chew. The pendant's string is strong enough for him to tug on and not break. The clasp is easy to attach and detach. This pendant can also be placed in the freezer and cooled off to help soothe him while he teethes. Overall, this is a very nice, sturdy yet soft teething pendant. You can find out more about beabies Silicone Teething Pendant @ http://beabies.com/teether4.

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