Monday, May 4, 2015

Brilliant Babyz Bath Toy Organizer with BONUS Bath Letters and Numbers #Review #BATHORGANIZER

I received Brilliant Babyz Bath Toy Organizer with Bonus Bath Letters & Numbers in return for my honest review. My kids absolutely love this set. It comes with a high quality mesh bag net with suction cups. The suction cups stick well to the bathtub (and stays well). This bag is large enough to not only hold the letters and numbers included, but is large enough to hold other bath toys. The mesh bag net allows toys to dry really well, avoiding mold and mildew. This organizer also comes with bath letter and numbers. They are multi-colored and they stick to the sides of the tub as well as the tops of little heads. We take the time while playing in the tub to review letters, numbers and colors. This is a really fun way to incorporate education into bath time. The kids love spelling their names and words, as well as finding numbers, colors and letters. I really have a hard time getting them out of the tub now. This is an absolutely great bath toy organizer and it makes bath time more fun. You can find out more about Brilliant Babyz Bath Toy Organizer with Bonus Bath Letters and Numbers @,b00w48dalw,b00o3gvtca,b004nrp2sq,b00nf0n47s,b00ghwne6c,b00nxadlfu,b00azsnwne

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