Thursday, May 7, 2015

EliteChef BBQ Grill Brush #Review #EliteChefGrillBrush

EliteChef's BBQ Grill Brush is a very nice brush. It's 17" and made of stainless steel. The handle is long and sturdy. The length helps to keep you at a safe distance from the heat. It's easy to use when cleaning the grill. The bristles are sharp and long enough to get all those hard to reach corners and spots. It does a really good job at removing all the stuck-on grime off the grill. The bristles are arranged to give you a 360 degree cleaning action and it gets in between the grates to help clean really well. This grill brush is a heavy duty, high quality brush. If you're a griller or you know a griller, this is a great brush to keep on hand. You can find out more about EliteChef BBQ Grill Brush @

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