Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Fuego Elite Performance Athletic Crew Socks #Review #FuegoSocks

I've had the opportunity to receive Fuego Elite Performance Athletic Crew Socks in return for my honest review. This is a really nice pair of socks. Fuego Elite Performance Athletic Crew Socks are made of high quality material. They are soft yet durable. My son plays varsity basketball and is very tough on socks. This pair is definitely built for someone like him. They fit him perfectly. I like the design- these socks have anti-slip Y-shaped deep heel pocket that helps to prevent them from sliding down. This is really nice when he's running up and down the court. He doesn't have to continuously stop to pull his socks back up. These socks are made of antibacterial nanoparticles which kills bacteria and helps to prevent bad odors (smelly socks). Love it!!! They also have maximum cushioned comfort to prevent blisters. Overall, this is a very 'elite' pair of socks. He loves the comfort and I love the rest!! You can find out more about Fuego Elite Performance Athletic Crew Socks @

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