Friday, May 15, 2015

KendamaLTD Japanese Kendama Toy #Review #KendamaLTD

I received KendamaLTD Japanese Kendama Toy  in return for my honest review. Kendama is said to help with concentration and perseverance. Today, it's a competitive sport around the world. I was a little curious as to how this toy actually worked at first. The goal is to toss the ball and catch it either on one of the cups or the spear. This is a very tough and challenging game to play. It was intimidating at first. A little side note-make sure everybody stays at a distance when trying because the ball is hard. I really takes concentration to catch the ball on a side cup or spear. It's fun to play-my husband beat me a few times. My 9 year old really enjoys playing it as well and he's beaten me also. Overall, with summer around the corner, this is a great way to give the cellphones, tablets and game systems a break. A great way to have a really good time. You can find out more about KendamaLTD Japanese Kendama Toy @

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