Thursday, May 21, 2015

Maximum Muscular Protein Shaker Bottle #Review #Maximummuscular

Maximum Muscular Protein Shaker Bottle is available in a variety of colors. I was very impressed at the mere size of this bottle. This bottle holds 20oz of liquid! This is a heavy duty bottle that's perfect for even the most strenuous workout. It's made of premium plastic and won't break if you drop it. It's BPA and phthalate free. Leakproof- this bottle has a twist and lock system that prevents leaking no matter how hard you shake the bottle. It also has extra storage for keeping extra powders and pills, which you can reach to blend into your liquid whenever you need them. The compartment is large and is a great feature of this bottle. The compartments conveniently merge into one compact unit that's easy to hold while you go about your exercises. Not only can you use this as a shaker bottle you can fill it with water or any desired drink. It fits perfectly into the cup holder on treadmills. I can grab a sip and keep going. I love not worrying about spills with this cup. I can stick it in the fridge, and grab it when I'm ready to go. Will definitely get alot of use out of this bottle. I received this bottle in return for my honest review. You can check out more about Maximum Muscular Protein Shaker Bottle @

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