Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mediband Medical Alert Bracelet #Review #mediband

I received Mediband Medical Alert Bracelets in return for my unbiased review. Mediband makes a variety of very practical, helpful items. I was excited to receive these bracelets. My 17 month old has short bowel syndrome. For him, it occurred when he developed necrotizing enterocolitis at 2 weeks of age.  When a preemie ( or sometimes full-term infant) develops NEC, it means that for some unknown reason, the intestines become necrotic and begin to die. A lot of babies don't make it but fortunately for us, he did. He had most of his small intestines removed as well as a small portion of his colon. Because of this, he is currently on TPN ( total parenteral nutrition) which is basically IV feeds. For this and other medical issues that he has, it's important to have a medical alert bracelet for him. He's a smaller 17 month old and I was worried that these bracelets wouldn't fit. They fit his wrist perfectly. He pulls on the bracelet but it's durable and won't break. We wear this bracelet when we're out and it's comforting to have. This is a great bracelet for anyone with a medical condition to have. Like I said, Mediband has a variety of nice products and I highly recommend checking them out. You can find out more about Mediband Medical Alert Bracelet @

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