Friday, May 8, 2015

NeuroBeats Sleep Better #Review #neurobeats

I’ve had trouble sleeping for over the past year. I think a lot of that was stress related. I'm not keen on trying prescription sleep aids or anything orally for sleep. I pretty much just monitor my caffeine intake and to no avail, I still don't get enough rest. I was happy to be chosen to receive NeuroBeats Sleep Better in return for my unbiased review. I love listening to music and figured this would be great to try. With NeuroBeats Sleep Better, you receive a set of digital musical 'supplements' to help you sleep better. This is a full album that you can download or individual .mp3's that you can choose to download. Here's the list of sleep music you receive in the entire album download:
Delta Beats
Tibetan Bowl with Delta Beats
Wind Chimes with Delta Beats
Wind in Leaves with Delta Beats
River with Delta Beats
Forest with Delta Beats
Rain & Thunder with Delta Beats
Heavy Rain with Delta Beats
Snowstorm with Delta Beats
Beach with Delta Beats
Crickets with Delta Beats
Fireplace with Delta Beats
Silent Night for Babys with Delta Beats
I choose to download it to my smart phone because it's easy for me to pop on earplugs. Some of these songs are very soothing. It's recommended to begin listening to the beats 30 minutes before bedtime. I have too much going on before I actually hit the pillows so I will put the music on when I actually lay down. The songs vary in sound and you have to choose the right ones for you. I set up a mix that helped me relax. It probably took me about 15-20 minutes to fall asleep and the sleep I've had was good. I'm still on a schedule to wake up throughout the early morning hours due to my son but I do seem better rested. This is a very interesting concept that seems to work. You can find out more about NeuroBeats and NeuroBeats Sleep Better @

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