Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Nu Sheep Wool Dryer Balls #Review #NuSheepWoolDryerBalls

I had the opportunity to receive a unique product, Nu Sheep Wool Dryer Balls, in return for my honest review. This balls are handmade of 100% high quality New Zealand sheep wool felt. These are made to take the place of fabric softeners, dryer sheets or plastic/rubber dryer balls. Unlike those items, Nu Sheep Wool Dryer Balls are chemical free. These balls are very easy to use. They are large, soft balls that you place in the dryer. They absorb water from clothes, allowing them to dry faster. Saving money on electricity is a HUGE plus for me. They help air circulation when drying which reduces static, wrinkles and makes the laundry softer and fluffier. They work really well. They are not noisy when placed in the dryer. My clothes were less wrinkled and softer. I'm highly impressed with Nu Sheep Wool Dryer Balls. I didn't think they would work this well. You can find out more about this great product @ Very impressed!!

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