Monday, May 25, 2015

Orblue Pizza Dough Docker #doughdocker #Review

My kids love when I make homemade pizza (I must admit I love it, too). Orblue Pizza Dough Docker is a great product to have on hand for making homemade pizza dough (or even professional). This dough docker is very sturdy. It's made of high impact and high quality plastic. You may ask what does a pizza dough docker do? It prevents dough blistering, resulting in a more enjoyable & tasty looking pizza. Orblue Pizza Dough Docker is easy to hold- the handle is nice and thick enough to grasp as you use it. I roll out my dough and then roll the docker over it. This docker rolls over the dough while poking small holes in it. This helps to prevent the dough from rising too fast when putting it in the pan and while it cooks. The result is a softer and tastier dough. This is a very simple yet practical tool. If you're want some great tasting, homemade pizza, I highly recommend purchasing this. You can find out more about Orblue Pizza Dough Docker @ or I received this product in return for my honest review.

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