Friday, May 15, 2015

Simple Royal Universal Periscope Spy Lens #Review #UniversalPeriscopeLensforALLSmartphonesCamera

Simple Royal Universal Periscope Spy Lens gives you the angle you need when taking pictures with your phone. It is very easy to install. It comes with magnetic rings that attach around the lens on the phone. The periscope has a magnetic ring that sticks to your phone and can be moved 360 degrees for the perfect shot. I love this periscope. I can take pics, capturing the perfect angle without blocking the view or being in an awkward position. My son thinks he's a photographer and he absolutely loves this periscope. My phone is full of pictures that he's taken. We've even attached a ring to his tablet and it works as well. This is a unique product that allows you to get the perfect shot. I received this product in return for my honest review. You can check out more about Simple Royal Universal Periscope Spy Lens @

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