Friday, May 29, 2015

Slim Gym Crossfit Wrist Wraps #Review #slimglimwristwraps

I received Slim Gym Crossfit Wrist Wraps in return for my unbiased review. These wrist wraps are perfect for work outs or if you just need the extra support on your wrist. My son is a fitness fanatic and uses different wrist wraps. He was excited to give these a try. They are light-weight and comfortable. They have a heavy duty thumb loop that fits comfortably. The velcro holds really well. They can be made to fit as tight as you need to. They are very comfortable to wear for a long period of time and they give great support to help stop injures to your wrist. These wraps are comfortable even when he shoots basketball. They give his wrists extra support. They are fairly priced and very well made. You can check out more about Slim Gym wrist Wraps @

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