Thursday, May 28, 2015

WEDGiT 15-pc Starter Imagination Set #Review #wedgits

My kids were so excited when we received WEDGiT 15-pc Starter Imagination Set. This is a very nice building block set. Although this particular set is appropriate for ages 2 to 6, my 9 year old has just as much fun with these building blocks. With this set, you'll receive six different sized blocks that are all "non-choking". This set is very easy for my 2 year old to grasp and build. This set has a play design that has nesting and stacking features for young hands. My kids love to make different designs. The blocks are colorful and allows for educational play. It really keeps the kids entertained and busy. I think I'm enjoying this set more than them. There is also a product guide that gives you ideas of different designs for each child to build. WEDGiTs have different sets and they are all compatible with each other. If you need a fun activity to give the kids a break from video games, tvs, electronics, etc.-- I highly recommend these blocks. These blocks are available at Target in-store and on-line You can also check out more about WEDGiT 15-pc Starter Imagination Set @

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