Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ankit's Woke Up Like This #Flawless Air Freshener #Review #iheartankit

Ankit is a company designs a huge variety of cool fashion accessories. They have both personal and and home accessories. They've done collaborative collections with some of the largest and trendsetting fashion retailers in the world and their products can be found in 8000+ stores worldwide. I received Ankit's Woke Up Like This #Flawless Air Freshener in return for my honest review. This is a very cute air freshener. It has a nice, light smell. I've hung it in my car and it has left a nice, long lasting scent. This air freshener is very bright and colorful. I just love the logo. I can look at it on my way to work and it just puts a smile on my face. A really eye-catching air freshener. You can check out more about Ankit's wide selection of products as well as Ankit's Woke Up Like This #Flawless Air Freshener @ They have something for everyone!!

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