Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Car-Go Toy Car Playmat and Storage Bag #CARGOBAG #Review

I received Car-Go Toy Car Playmat and Storage Bag in return for my honest review. When I received this bag, both my four & nine year old boys were excited. They ran to get their Hot Wheels and couldn't wait to play. My two year old daughter even likes it. This mat is 28" in diameter. It's well-made. The material is nice and sturdy. It has a little town with little roads. My boys love to pretend to drive and race on this mat. I love how it easily converts to a storage bag. It helps to keep the cars that are always on the floor organized and in place. With this mat, the boys don't have to look everywhere for their cars. It's simple to close-- it has a strong drawstring. After closing, there's even a pocket to tuck the string into. This is a very nice playmat and storage bag. I highly recommend checking it out. You can find out more about Car-Go Toy Car Playmat and Storage Bag @

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