Monday, June 15, 2015

channelSMART Flash Temporary Metallic Tattoos #Review #goldentribeflash

channelSMART Flash Temporary Metallic Tattoos are really fun to have to give your summer wardrobe a little flare. I receive these tattoos in return for my unbiased review . I've always wanted a tattoo but was unwilling to undergo the pain associated with getting one. Yes, I've given birth but that was a necessary pain. These temporary tattoos are a great way to have those 'tats' without the permanency. This party package includes 6 large sheets full of high quality tattoos. They are non-toxic and last 2-5 days. The directions are included for application. These tattoos are great with swimwear or to glamour up for a night on the town. I like to place them on my ankles to glam up my legs with my sandals. They are a very high quality, fun set of tattoos. You can find out more about channelSMART Flash Temporary Metallic Tattoos @

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