Monday, June 1, 2015

Eagle ProFitness Wrist Wraps #Review #AwesomeWristWrapCombo

I had the opportunity to receive Eagle ProFitness Wrist Wraps in return for my unbiased review. Whether you lift weight, crossfit, workout, or just need extra support- this is a nice set of wraps to use. This is a heavy duty set of wrist wraps. The wrist wraps are 18" long and have a cotton-elastane construction build with reinforced stitching to prevent fraying. The wraps have a thumb loop which provides extra support. This set also come with two 24" long weightlifting straps. Though it's a thick set of wraps, they are not heavy.  My son loves to use these wraps to work out and even when he plays basketball. He says the wraps are comfortable to wear. They are lightweight and very flexible. The wraps don't rub against and irritate his skin. The velcro holds really well. It is 2" wide and is adjustable. My son is very happy with his wraps. Overall, this is a stylish set of wraps that also come with 100% satisfaction guarantee (can't beat that). You can find out more about Eagle ProFitness Wrist Wraps @

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