Friday, June 26, 2015

Easy@Home 3 in 1 Non-contact Infrared Thermometer #Review #EZ_NCT301

I received Easy@Home 3 in 1 Non-contact Infrared Thermometer in return for my unbiased review. Having an accurate thermometer at home is especially important for me. With my Short Bowel Syndrome son at home, it's really important to have accurate temps. He has a central venous line (for I.V. infusions) and is at a high risk of blood infections. Therefore, any fever he has is an automatic hospital admission for us. Those blood infections can progress really fast and getting in-hospital treatment for any fever is imperative for us. I was VERY excited to receive this thermometer. Compared to other thermometers, this one works really fast. It's non-invasive and simple to use. Aim the thermometer 1 to 2 in. from the center of the forehead. Press the button and there's the very accurate reading. This thermometer reads in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. The LCD display is easy to read. It records up to 32 readings. It will alert for any temps above 100..4°F. I love that this thermometer is silent so I can take a temp of my son while he's sleeping and not disturb him. This is a very high quality thermometer. I can also use this thermometer at work (I'm a pediatric nurse). Sometimes it's tough getting temps on sick, irritable babies and this is the perfect way to take accurate temps without upsetting them even more. I highly recommend this thermometer. LOVE IT!! You can check out more about Easy@Home 3 in 1 Non-contact Infrared Thermometer @

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