Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Federico's Car Care Microfiber Wash Mitts #Review #WashMitts

I received Federico's Car Care Microfiber Wash Mitts in return for my unbiased review. Another high quality product from Federico's Car Care, this set comes with 2 premium mitts. Not only can these mitts be used for car detailing, when the mitts are dry, they can be used around the house as a duster. My husband loves these mitts. They make car washing and detailing much easier. The mitts fit perfectly and the elastic wrist band helps to keep the mitts snug while washing. My 9 year old also loves to wear these mitts when he helps dad detail the cars. These mitts absorb large amounts of water at a time so there's much less time spending dipping the mitts into water. They work well at cleaning and they won't scratch or damage the cars. I have used these mitts for dusting. They really work great at removing dust and I can wear them comfortably as well. Very high quality mitts. You can find out more about Federico's Car Care Microfiber Wash Mitts @

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