Wednesday, June 10, 2015

La Lune Naturals Lemon Essential Oil #Review #lalunenaturals

I received La Lune Naturals Lemon Essential Oil in return for my unbiased review. This was my first experience with lemon essential oils but definitely not my last. This oil smells GREAT!! The lemon scent is nice and refreshing. This oil can be used for so many things- from skin care,oral health, digestion and abdominal colic, cough relief, mood lifter to air freshener. There is a very nice e-book included with great recipes for it's many different uses. I've used this oil as an air freshener. A few drops in my diffuser and it doubles as an air freshener and mood lifter. Nothing better than a nice, clean smell. I've also used this oil as a cleanser mix. It's works really well and leaves my kitchen, bathrooms, etc. clean and fresh. This is a really great essential oil- one of my favorites now. I highly recommend checking it out. You can find out more about La Lune Naturals Lemon Essential Oil @

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