Saturday, June 20, 2015

Lazy Lidz Sleep Mask #Review #LazyLidzSleep

I received Lazy Lidz Sleep Mask in return for my unbiased review. Lazy Lidz Sleep Mask is made of soft satin which prevents the mask from getting stuck to the pillowcase at night. It also has a cotton velvet lining that's super soft and comfortable against my skin. I've never wore a mask to sleep but since I've begun wearing this sleeping mask, I actually feel well rested when I get up in the morning. This mask is comfortable to wear- it's not too tight and does a great job at blocking out the light. My son is on TPN and his crib is beside my bed so I can keep an eye on him. The IV pump's light doesn't dim and I've tried covering the pump at nigh to block out excess light. Even then, it's not completely dark in the room. Now that I have this mask, I don't have to worry about the light bothering me. Even when my husband want's to stay up watching TV and I'm ready to crash, I can put on this mask, throw on my headphones & listen to some soft music, and drift to sleep. This is a perfect compliment of a night of rest. Highly recommend. You can check out more about Lazy Lidz Sleep Mask @\.

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