Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Lift Care 5x Extra Strength Lemon Essential Oil #Review #Lemonoil

I received Lift Care 5x Extra Strength Lemon Essential Oil in return for my unbiased review. Compared to other lemon essential oils I've used, this has one of the strongest scents.  I could actually smell it before opening the box. It's not overpowering but definitely has a very fresh, stronger lemon fragrance. I love to use this oil as an air freshener. This oil leaves a stronger, longer lasting, fresh smell. I've also used this oil to freshen up my laundry-- a few drops in with my detergent and it gives my laundry a fresh, clean 'lemony' scent.  Lemon oil has so many uses. From DIY disinfectants and cleaners, air fresheners, to aromatherapy, oral and digestive health, and more. Lift Care Lemon Essential Oils comes in a pretty nice 4 ounce bottle so it will definitely last a long time. This a high quality lemon oil and if you're looking for a great one to use, I highly recommend trying this one out. You can find out more about Lift Care 5x Extra Strength  Lemon Essential Oil @ or

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