Monday, June 15, 2015

Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Portable Travel Laundry Hooks / Microfiber Cloth Towel / Round Polished Stainless Steel S Hooks #Review #pckt

Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Portable Travel Laundry Hooks are very nice and sturdy. Included with this set are 10 laundry hook clips. These hook clips are made of double plated nickel steel. Unlike plastic or wood clothespins, these are designed to last. I like to take these hooks along when traveling. They are compact enough to pack in my bag. They are convenient for hanging towels and clothes. If I need to do laundry while on the road (which is very likely with my short-gut baby), these are great for hanging clothes up to dry. These are also nice to have around the house. I can use these for extra space in the laundry room to hang clothes. These are also great in the bathroom and kitchen for hanging towels. Very nice and sturdy hook clips. You can check them out @
Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Round Polished Stainless Steel S Hooks are also a great product to have on hand around the house. These are stainless steel, heavy duty hooks. They are also great to have in the laundry room for extra space. I have also used these hooks to hold oven mitts in the kitchen. They really help to organize and free up space. They don't bend easily. These clips are easy to use and can hold a decent amount of weight. You can find out more about Pro Chef Kitchen Toolsn Round Polished Stainless Steel S Hooks @                                                        
Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Steel Cleaner Microfiber Cloth Towel is great to have for cleaning kitchen appliances. This microfiber cloth is pretty big. It's 16" x 16". It covers a broad area which allows for faster cleaning. I use this cloth for cleaning my fridge, stove, dishwasher and microwave. It's smooth and doesn't scratch the surfaces. This towel is well-made and leaves a nice shine on appliances. You can check out more about this towel @\.                                                                                     I have a special promo code to share. Using coupon code PCKTSS29  , you can receive $5 off any of the above products. Simply enter the code at checkout.  I received these products in return for my unbiased review.

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