Monday, June 22, 2015

Simian 10 in 1 Autoloading Ratchet Screwdriver #Review #AutoloadingRatchetScrewdriver

I received Simian 10 in 1 Autoloading Ratchet Screwdriver in return for my unbiased review. My husband -a mechanic- is highly impressed with this screwdriver. It's a 10-in-1 autoloading ratchet screwdriver. This multi-tool screwdriver comes with 10 separate bits. Included are stand. ard 1/4'' -- Phillips #1/#2/#3, Slotted 4mm/6mm, Star T15/T20, and Square 1/2. These are very durable bits that will definitely hold up to the toughest jobs. We've used this screwdriver to put together bunk beds and it was very easy to use.  It has a magnetic bit holder and the 10 bis fit into this screwdriver. The best feature about this screwdriver is that it autoloads. My husband loves that he can exchange a bit in a second without even touching a bit. It's comfortable to hold and use. This is a high quality,  heavy duty screwdriver. We've purchased a second one for him to keep at work. A very handy tool!! You can check out more about  Simian 10 in 1 Autoloading Ratchet Screwdriver @

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