Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Soaps.club Kona Coffee Kick Natural Soap #Review #Soapdotclub

I had the opportunity to receive Soaps.club Kona Coffee Kick Natural Soap in return for my unbiased review. This soap is absolutely amazing! Soap.club has a HUGE variety of all-natural soaps. Their soaps are made using the old fashioned method of curing their soap for 4-6 weeks and infusing it will organic ingredients. When I received Kona Coffee, the first thing I noticed was the WONDERFUL scent!!! I love the smell of fresh coffee and this soap captures the essence. This soap lathers really well. I didn't expect such a lather but it was a pleasant surprise. This soap leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. A nice bonus with Kona Coffe is that it has caffeine which acts as a natural cellulite repellent. It has anti-oxidants that helps to minimize wrinkles, coarse grounds infused which helps to exfoliate & moisturize the skin, and is great for aromatherapy. I can wash all over with this soap and not want to leave the bathroom. I am HIGHLY impressed with this soap. I can't wait to pick up more scents. You can check out more about Soaps.club as well as my favorite, Kona Coffee Kick Natural Soap @ https://soap.club.

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