Friday, June 19, 2015

Syono Full Length Orthotic Inserts and Insoles #Review #Syono

Syono Full Length Orthotic Inserts and Insoles are very comfortable inserts. They fits perfectly in any pair of sneakers, heels, and boots. These insoles insure that your foot is supported and kept in a position that keeps you from ever having pain from walking or standing. My husband is a mechanic and is on his feet all day. He's constantly complaining of tired, achy feet. We've tried several different work boots and insoles. He was excited to give these a go. They fit his boots perfectly. He had no trouble slipping them into his shoes. He could immediately tell a difference once he put on the shoes with these insoles. The real test was wearing them to work for a few days. He says they really help give him arch support and just feel better than shoes without these insoles. These inserts have ventilation holes for odor and sweat control which is really nice when dealing with his shoes. I can tell the difference because he's not complaining of sore, achy feet anymore. Sounds like a winner to me. You can check out more about Syono Full Length Orthotic Inserts and Insoles @ I received these insoles in return for my honest review.

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