Thursday, June 18, 2015

Tools4Wisdom Planner #Review #Planner

I received Tools4Wisdom Planner in return for my unbiased review. Tools4Wisdom Planner is a very nice planner. This is an in-depth planner and calendar. It has structures for creating a frame work and plan to not only set your goals but achieve them. The calendar has monthly overviews and weekly detail pages. It also has a section in the back for notes. This section is set up with columns for the idea bank and for any actions required to make that idea reality. This planner is 8-1/2 x 11 planner. My little one is a short gut baby and this is the perfect planner to help me stay organized . From appointments, feeding regimens, therapies, medications, goals and more, this is the perfect in-depth planner for my complex child. I can really stay organized as well as keep a more well-kept record. I'm really impressed with this planner and will get so much out of it. Highly recommend it. You can check out more about Tools4Wisdom Planner @

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