Thursday, June 25, 2015

Xotics Shave Therapy 3-in-1 Shavers Lotion #Review #ShaveTherapy #Xotics

Xotics Shave Therapy 3-in-1 Shavers Lotion is a 3-in-1 shaving lotion. It's a shaving lotion, aftershave, and daily moisturizer. It has an essential oil blend that is naturally antifungal and antibacterial. Among its ingredients are natural shea butter and aloe vera which helps to reduce irritation, razor bumps, and dryness. This lotion can be used for men as well as women ( feels really nice on my legs).  My husband is impressed with this lotion. He applies it to his skin prior to shaving. It's a clear formula so he can actually see his hair while shaving. This is a light smelling lotion and it doesn't irritate his skin. This lotion leaves his skin moisturized and smooth. He really likes it and highly recommends it. You can check out more about Xotics Shave Therapy 3-in-1 Shaving Lotion @  or I received this lotion in return for my unbiased review.

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