Saturday, July 4, 2015

CoolStream CarChat + Bluetooth Hands Free Calling #Review #CoolStreamRocks

CoolStream CarChat + Bluetooth Hands Free Calling is a great way to take calls in your vehicle or just stream music. This is a very neat device that is simple to set up. It connects into the cigarette outlet and has 2 built in charging ports for your phone/tablet. It has a built in wire that connects into an AUX connection port as well as a built-in microphone. My husband couldn't wait to set it up. He loves to stream music when we're riding. It's so much better than commercial radio. He had no problem with the quick installation. Simply insert the device into the cigarette outlet. Turn it on by pressing the phone button then sync it to your phone. Hook the Aux cable into the radio and make sure that it's on AUX mode. It's ready to go!! It's neat because it can control the volume of the audio by holding the +/- button. You can also skip songs by a quick touch of the +/- buttons. This device can stream music, answer calls, connect two devices at once for streaming music and taking calls, and charge two devices. You can beat one device that does all of the above. I synced my phone and my husband's phone at the same time. We tried it out with calls. The calls were clear and the caller had no problem having a conversation while I used the CarChat. It charges phones really quickly, too. We travel out of town often and this is the perfect device for us. My husband can focus on driving when we hit a major city and major traffic. He doesn't have to worry about missing incoming calls now since he's hands free. Overall, a super-nice device. Highly recommend!! I received this device in return for my unbiased review. You can find out more about CoolStream CarChat + Bluetooth Hands Free Calling  @

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