Tuesday, July 7, 2015

DownIT Skull Shot Glass #Review #shotglass

DownIT Skull Shot Glass is a high quality shot glass. It's a hand-blown shot glass. It's made of a very thick double glass wall so it's not going to break easily if slammed down. The base of the glass is very thick. This glass has a unique design.  It's hand-blown into the shape of a skull and definitely a conversation starter. It holds 1.5 oz when filled to the skull's eyes and holds 2 oz. when filled to the brim. This is not a fragile glass. I found it to be sturdy and fun to use :).  It's the perfect size for shots and is comfortable to hold. Great for any kind of party!! I received this shot glass in return for my honest review. Highly recommend!! You can check out more about DownIT Skull Shot Glass @ http://goo.gl/ZykLnp.

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